What Should You Do If Your Windshield Is Chipped in Johnstown, Mead, Milliken, Windsor, CO?

Call our company for professional windshield chip repair & windshield repair services

If you need windshield repair services in the Johnstown, Mead, Milliken, Windsor, CO area, Patriot Auto Glass, LLC is the company to call. Our experienced pros can inspect your windshield and determine whether it needs to be repaired or replaced.

Our windshield chip repair services start at $50. We can repair additional chips for $10 each, but please note that we will only repair up to three chips on a single piece of glass.

Depend on us to fix your windshield in a few simple steps

Here's how our windshield chip repair process works:

  • First, we'll examine your windshield to make sure we can repair it
  • Next, we'll clean and access the impact point with specialized equipment
  • Then, we'll fill the chip with resin and wait for it to set
  • Finally, we'll seal the chip and remove any excess resin







Our efficient repair process takes about five to ten minutes to complete. To arrange for windshield repair services, call 970-302-2777 now.